What am I eating today?

What am I going to do today?  Life is complex, going from one coast to the other.  Changing careers, making new friends, learning how to navigate the subway.  Where is my new favorite dim sum restaurant?  Is there any good sushi here?  What the hell am I doing here?

Last fall, Hubs and I took a trip to France for two weeks.  We started out in Nice, on the Cote d’Azur.  The first two days were spent mostly in a daze, at the beach across from our apartment at La Negresco.  We were there for two days, when we both realized that we had had enough of being terribly adult and responsible.  In order to reduce the stress and anxiety in our lives, we decided to move from our long time home in Seattle, to New York City.

wallingford front w garden       lr blog photo


From our cozy, 1900 sf farmhouse, to our apartment less than half that size, in downtown New York, on the 20th floor.

sunrise at the apartment1

It took some doing.  In the span of eight months, we sold two houses, two cars, ninety percent of our furniture and an immense amount of personal belongings.  Furniture, antiques, art work, and clothing.  We had five “estate sales”, each of which I thought would make me insane.  It wasn’t so bad. I made some friends, got some good advice about New York, and in the end, it felt good to shed all of those possessions that I had held onto for so long, that really did not bring me joy.

People often ask me why I wanted to leave Seattle – it is so beautiful there, the trees,  the mountains, the ocean.


New York City has a reputation for being cold, hot, dangerous, big, and expensive.  Honestly, I wanted to move to New York to experience change.  To be plunked down into the largest metropolitan area in the country and live.  I wanted to go to the Bronx and to Queens, and not just once.  I wanted to take the subway, walk the neighborhoods for blocks and just take pictures.

east village blog

I wanted to be able to read Time Out New York and go to the restaurants that were featured.

dinner blog

Change.  Discovery.  Renewal.  Think of it as exfoliating my life.  My mid-life enlightenment.  Life is happening now, all around us.  If we don’t take the opportunity to follow our bliss, our passion, our calling now, when will we do so?

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